About us

Prince de Heidendorf went from Austria to Riga, a city in Latvia, in the middle of 2003. On the one hand, to fulfill his vocation as a guest professor at the College of Transportation & Telecommunications (TSI) and on the other hand to participate in the "General Financial Services" (GFS Ltd).

His longtime friend and partner, Vladimirs de Starcevs, Mag.iur. Dr.hc. and professor at the TSI, asked Prince de Heidendorf, now in the Free State of Latvia, to use the implementation of the market economy.


During the phase as a professor at the TSI the original "Peter Maximilian de Heidendorf lawyers and tax advise SIA" (=Ltd.) got established.

It was renamed "Temporis Tax Consultancy SIA" in November 2005.

The Temporis Tax Consultancy still has, among other things, the following NACE Code as well as various other permits, as:

6910 (lawyers practice),
6920 (tax consultancy & accounting),
7022 (Business consultancy services),
6622 insurance broker,
6630 (fund management),
6612 (Securities and commodities trading)


Parallel to Temporis Steuerberatung SIA, Prince de Heidendorf founded the "Prince de Heidendorf Asset Management SIA" in 2004, which also has the following NACE codes:

6612 Securities and commodities trading
6619 Other activities auxiliary to financial services
6630 Fund management
7022 Business consultancy services

In the last few years, the Prince de Heidendorf Asset Management SIA has invested or managed exclusively family assets. An average return of> 8% was always the focus.


Meanwhile, Prince de Heidendorf went "to the origin" of the family history to Romania and founded the company "Prince de Heidendorf SRL", which was active in Arad from 2007 to 2016, to take over the remaining hereditary mass.

This "Prince de Heidendorf SRL" also managed assets such as family forestry and other assets.

On July 19, 2016, "Prince de Heidendorf SRL" was liquidated by resolution No. 32741 of 22 September 2016.